Does that voice inside your head scream, "why can't you just be happy with what you have?", or maybe it yells, "don't get pushy!", or how about, "what makes you think you are deserving of more?". If that voice is familiar then know you're not alone!

But, that voice is preventing you from asking for what you need and being paid what you're worth. Essentially, that voice is keeping you from learning how to negotiate with confidence.


When you learn how to ask for what you want with tact, diplomacy and confidence, a world of opportunities will open to you and transform your life. This seminar is not just for women.


Men are encouraged to join the seminar as Forty-Eight percent of the current Canadian workforce is female. Learn how to empower the women in your world to negotiate on their own behalf.



  • Learn the million dollar mistake that women make over the lifetime of their careers

  • Discover why a woman’s choice of words, tone of voice, body language and likeability influence whether or not others say yes to her requests

  • Explore why it's costly to adopt a male negotiating style Learn all about the winner’s curse and how to avoid it