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Welcome to the Art and Science of Happiness Class!

Protests, elections, and Covid 19 are causing tremendous anxiety and a great deal of stress for so many of us.

That is why I am thrilled to launch The Art And Science of Happiness Class starting October 12. For Concordia’s very own happiness project where we will delve into the science of happiness and take our minds off of all the fear and uncertainty.

Every week, for the next four weeks, we invite you to join our happiness lab, and together we will learn how to move along the happiness continuum.


You will be tasked with a series of challenges to increase your happiness and you will learn how to transform your life by developing positive habits.


Make sure to print out the participant handout or have it close by during the sessions so you can follow along.


If you have any questions drop me a line at & don't forget to join the life skills toolbox tribe.

Below you will find our weekly challenges and more great happiness resources categorized by week.

Week 1 happiness challenges

Week One Happiness Challenges

Assess your happiness!

This assessment measures your “happiness habits”. Once complete, you will receive a brief report and guidance as to which behaviours will increase your happiness.


Take the Oxford Happiness Questionnaire and get a snapshot of your current level of happiness. You can retake the assessment at another point in time to determine any change. This is helpful if you are intentionally working to move along the happiness continuum.

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Shift the Spotlight

This week retrain your brain to spot positive patterns. 

The Gratitude


1. For the next week make a list of 3 things you're grateful for

2. Vary the things on your list

3. Share your list with the Concordia Community

Connect with your fellow Concordians

Reach out to your new Concordia friends! Inquire as to how they are and really LISTEN.

Stop watching the news!

Stay informed, but stop obsessing over the news. Watch one of the happiness videos below instead. You will thank yourself later! 

Stop watching the news. This is much better stuff!