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Have you ever lied awake at night tossing and turning, bombarded by a series of thoughts that just won’t let your mind rest, despite examining every single angle and possible outcome of a pending decision?


Few of us are educated in the art of decision-making yet it is an essential business skill.

Bad decisions can result in irreparable damage to a career, business, or reputation. Decades of behavioural science research has revealed that human judgement is flawed, and our thinking clouded by cognitive biases.

Much of our behaviour is irrational, and our choices often corrupted by emotion.

Worse yet, these cognitive flaws are the result of our hardwiring, so we fail to notice their influence.


If you want to become a better decision maker, and are tired of wasting your time, money and energy this seminar is for you.



  • Explore the mechanics of the brain

  • Learn how to manage the 4 villains of bad decision-making

  • Discover how to overcome your propensity for making poor decisions

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