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Dear alumni,


It is our pleasure to once again invite you to our complimentary soft skills seminar series that began last year.

The current series will focus on workplace communication with a new session that explores digital

communication (this workshop was featured last year) and remote work (this is brand new content). We will

begin with communication basics, explore body language, review the latest research on how to effectively

communicate from behind a screen and best practices for our new world of virtual work.


As a valued alumni member of JMSB's EMBA and GIIM, we want to extend an invitation to you to join our soft

skills series. We believe that life long learning is essential to one's personal and professional development.

Moreover, work post covid has led to a great deal of change and upheaval and we want to be sure you're

equipped to successfully lead your teams through these unprecedented challenges.


Reserve your seat today by contacting Ms. Samantha Hamer. The series will be facilitated by myself, Dr. Gillian Leithman, PhD.


Please note you can also join us virtually if you can't be in person. And if you wish to purchase the class materials please connect.


For more info and content details, please download the PDF below.

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