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As you move forward in your career, the strengths that made you successful are unlikely to serve you in your new role. We tend to hold steadfast to what we know, what we are good at, and what is most comfortable, justifying these behaviours as being true to our authentic selves.


Relying on “authentic” old behaviours may keep you from feeling like an imposter, but it will also shackle you to a past self that perceives change as loss, resists growth and forgoes new opportunities.


The good news is there is a roadmap that can help you advance your career.



  • Discover the secret to growing your influence, getting recognized and increasing career mobility

  • Explore why a playful attitude is essential to managing successful transitions

  • Learn why too much introspection is damaging and self-defeating

  • Find out what happens when that well-intentioned piece of advice “just be yourself” leads to you being too much yourself!

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