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Ask: Women & Negotiation

Learn to ask for what you want with confidence & ease


Master Class Description:

Did you know that women who

don’t negotiate first time salaries lose

out on three quarters of a 

million dollars over the course of a

45-year career?  And this doesn't 

include additional wealth tied to

salary, such as bonuses, stock options,

and pensions.

What is it that prevents women
from negotiating for themselves?

For many, it is a very loud voice

(if you are lucky there is only one!)

inside their head that screams, "why can't you just be happy with what you have?","don't get too pushy!", or "what makes you think you're deserving of more?". 

The good news is that voices can be quelled and have nothing to do with talent or capabilities.

When you learn how to ask for what you want with tact, diplomacy and confidence, a world of opportunities will open to you and transform your life.


This Masterclass is not just for women. Men are encouraged to join the session.


48% of the current Canadian workforce is female. Learn how to empower the women in your world, be it your wife, sister, mom, grandma, daughter or employee, to negotiate on their own behalf.


Masterclass Objectives:

  • Explore why it's costly to adopt a male negotiating style  

  • Discover how to make your ask in a way that increases the chances that people will say yes to your requests

  • Learn how to leverage the gorilla effect and increase the odds of being successful in your next negotiation

Masterclass Details:

Date & Time: Tuesday June 30, 2020 from 6:30 to 8:30 pm

Cost: $97.00 plus tax


Includes: Access to the webinar and a workbook to help you ace your next negotiation!


If you would like to pay via electronic transfer or if you have a special code please email Jamie at (our sister company) and she will send you an invoice.

You can also pay via credit card or paypal. Just click the button below.


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