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BRAver. Bolder. and even better

Class begins January 19, 2021

let's start the year off right!


Program Description


This program was developed with our Life Skills Toolbox community. Over the past 9 months we held challenges, webinars, MasterClasses and even an Organizational Behaviour course for our tribe, and we had a blast! But more importantly, our time together gave us great insight into the issues you are grappling with and the topics you are hungry to learn more about. And so,  Braver. Bolder. And even Better is born!


This is a pilot course


As we do with all of our new courses, we will be piloting this program in conjunction with you. That means this process is characterized as a co-creation. Meaning, it allows for some flexibility in terms of the content we cover. If there is a topic you want us to go into greater depth about and the class as a whole feels we should delve deeper into that subject, we will!


In exchange, we ask that you give us timely feedback. We will formally ask for your thoughts throughout the program via survey and interview, and we will request a testimonial once the course is complete, providing we have met your expectations.

Pilot courses allow us to get up close and personal! We give our students a lot of time because we want to get the content and delivery right! What we offer is our lowest possible course price, with a great deal of access to both Jamie and myself.

So, if this is the year you want to level up, establish healthy boundaries, learn to effectively communicate and gain influence without formal power - this is the program for  you!

Living Laboratories!

This time we are doing things a little differently. We will have 7 weeks of classes. However, 3 weeks of those 7 will be for content delivery where I will teach on the topic. The following week we will have a living laboratory, and in those sessions you learn to apply your skills with simulations, activities and role plays!


Week 7 will be devoted to wrap up and a graduation party where we will toast to the finale! All Masterclass students are invited to attend.

Program Content

MasterClass 1

Building boundaries: knowing when to say yes and how to say no


Do you struggle with saying no to your boss or coworkers when asked to join a project, advise a team, weigh in on a big decision, or take on more tasks?

Career success isn’t just about welcoming opportunity; it also includes knowing when to say yes and how to say no so that you can spend time on your most important work and creating value for your organization. In this class you will learn how to:


  • Evaluate a request

  • Determine how to respond

  • Decide on a well-reasoned yes, or a strategic “no” that won’t derail your career




MasterClass 2

Candid Conversations


The increasingly competitive, rapidly changing, globalized business landscape has created much uncertainty and ambiguity in our working lives. The constant state of do more, faster, better, can leave us feeling tired and depleted with little bandwidth available for honest, direct and effective communication. In this class you will learn:

  • Why clear is kind

  • How to challenge directly, but emphatically

  • Develop a culture of compassionate candour




MasterClass 3

Influence without power: developing leadership presence

Have you ever wondered what it means when people describe someone as having “leadership presence”? While this term depicts a collection of intangible soft skills, it does profoundly influence who gets noticed, hired, elected or promoted. Even if you have no formal power, this session will demystify the skills you need to influence others. In this class you will learn:

·      Why formal authority doesn’t actually help you get things done

·      The actions and behaviours that establish you as a credible source of influence

·      Strategic relationships you need to cultivate in and out of the organization

·      Why these strategies are not inauthentic, nor make you an imposter!

What if I only want to attend one class?

Maybe you're a great communicator and you know how to set boundaries, but you can use some help when it comes to influencing others because you don't have formal authority. Well we got you covered!

This curriculum covers different topics and each subject is it's own Masterclass. You can enrol in any of our masterclasses for $227 plus tax, and receive all materials and services below that pertain to your MasterClass.

Here is what you will get when you sign up for the course

  1. Access to a private community of fellow learners 

  2. Research backed content

  3. Living Laboratories where you work on applying your new skills

  4. Worksheets

  5. Simulations that enable you to practice your skills in different settings

  6. Office hours 

  7. Email exchanges

  8. All slide decks

  9. All video recordings

  10. Lifetime access to the material

Not so sure this course is for you? Listen to what are students have to say about us!

Cracking the code testimonials

Cracking the code testimonials

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