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Welcome to the Art and Science of Happiness Class!
Coming soon!

We have all heard the adage that hard work leads to success and success ultimately leads to happiness. When we finally get that promotion, drop ten pounds, land that date, put the kids through college and pay off the mortgage, then and only then will we be happy. Well, it turns out that we got it backwards!


According to scientific evidence it is happiness that fuels success - not the other way around. When we teach our minds how to positively perceive the world, our brains become more productive, creative, energetic and resilient.


But happiness is hard work!


It takes reflection, dedication, and a willingness to build new habits in place of easier, and more convenient ways of thinking and behaving. And that takes time, effort and energy.


We, at life skills toolbox, know that behaviour change can be overwhelming. That is why we have created the Happiness Lab, a 4-part series that features that latest discoveries in the fields of Psychology, Management and Neuroscience and explores how to practically apply these findings to our day to day lives.


Our mission is to make the science stick. We don’t just want to teach you a bunch of really cool stuff that you will soon forget. So, every week learners are invited to participate in a series of challenges designed to increase happiness and develop positive and productive habits, in a supportive and communal environment.


The course is scheduled to launch in early 2022. Interested? Make sure you're part of the tribe to get early access! 

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