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How do you show up in the world? According to social science research we form opinions of one another within seven seconds of meeting, and 90 percent of how others evaluate us has to do with how much competence and warmth we project.


Thus, the messages we send to others has little to do with what we actually say. Good non-verbal communication skills are a professional advantage and an essential management skill.


In this seminar, we will leverage a decade’s worth of scientific findings and teach you how to improve everyday behaviour, from making a positive first impression, to inspiring your team to greater levels of creativity and productivity. These soft skills are essential, especially if you are currently in, or are, stepping up to a leadership position. 


  • Learn what your non-verbals are saying about you

  • Discover the power or presence

  • Explore the life hack that will immediately increase your confidence

The Non-Verbal Advantage

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