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Working longer hours at a faster pace does not actually lead to greater productivity. In fact, these assumptions are flawed and detrimental to our physical health and mental well-being.


If you want to bring your whole self to your job, and dedicate your time and energy to worthwhile and meaningful work, then you have to learn how to leverage your energy in four main areas of life:

Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual.


This seminar draws upon behavioural science research from the fields of optimal performance, management, neuroscience and psychology and will teach you how to stack the cards in your favour so that you are positioned for success.


  • What are ultra radian rhythms, and how to work in alignment with their tempo

  • Explore the science of sleep & the power of focus

  • Discover techniques for managing emotions

  • Learn how purpose fuels all energy and why without it you are likely to feel exhausted and depleted

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