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Very often the retirement experience turns out to be different than what we originally anticipated it to be. After an initial period of 12 months the honeymoon phase can wear off for about 40% of the population. Although retirement affords people FREEDOM from the daily 9 to 5 grind, demanding bosses and difficult coworkers, it can quickly become replaced by feelings of boredom, emptiness and a sense of disconnection.

In North American culture we have been led to believe that a happy retirement is synonymous with the accumulation of a big nest egg to fund our retirement life styles. Yet, countless studies and research findings indicate that a successful and happy retirement requires vision, preparation, commitment and creativity. It requires that we ask ourselves, “What’s next” long before we exit the workforce.

When people have a better understanding of the challenges they face as new retirees, they are better equipped to navigate the retirement transition and they are more satisfied with their lives once retired.


  • Explore what science has to say about living a happy retirement

  • Discover why time can feel like a liability and what to do about it

  • Learn why retirement for two can be challenging and lead to grey divorce

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